Scrapbooking, Card Making, and Words from Life Experience

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day

Good Morning,
This past weekend I was so blessed to have a scrapping card couple of days with my kids.  Saturday evening, I spent the evening making a Mother's Day card for my mom, while my daughter's boyfriend worked on his mother's Mother's day card.  I pulled out my papers, cardstock, stickers, gluedots, markers, 3-D flowers and silk flowers.  We worked at the kitchen table while my handsome husband worked on his school work.  We worked for over 3 hours cutting and pasting, playing and having fun.  Well, then Sunday after church and brunch, We showed our cards to my daughter Catie and son-in-law Terrell.  Terrell wanted to make one too.  So, out came all the supplies again and we all gathered around the kitchen table and made new creative cards.  Here are photos of my own creations:
I also made a Mother's Day card for my friend at work.

I'd like to send out a plea to all Mother's, Mother's-in-law, and Grandmother's out there who are scrappers or card makers to spend time with their children and grandchildren.  Pull out the supplies and spend time together making your own.  Guys love it too!  Happy Mother's Day to all Moms everywhere. Love you all, Debbie

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Life doesn't always give us what we want or what we plan.  Recent events have caused me to reflect on some decisions I have made and re-evaluate future plans.  From now on, I'm going to:
  1. Use my talents for my own benefit and enjoyment.
  2. Appreciate the people who love and respect me and consider those who don't as aliens from another planet!
  3. Be more positive - tell others how much I appreciate their efforts and let them know when they do a good job.
  4. Realize when another advances, it does not mean I was just demoted.
  5. Understand not everyone has the moral values I do, so it may be easy for them to lie to others and expect to get away with it, but also understand...what goes around comes around.
  6. Remember, just because I don't, doesn't mean others won't!
  7. Know, there are those who are better at some things than I am.  Learn from them!
  8. Always be willing to go the extra mile.
  9. Work smarter...not harder!
  10. Survive, things will improve, everything is in God's hands...and with Him NOthing is impossible!
I hope this helps you as much as it helps me.
Have a blessed day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tia's Scrapbook

I created this scrapbook for my niece Tia.  She had a dance recital and this was her gift.  She's amazing to watch.  No pictures were added, just blank spaces so she could add her own.

Decorative Gift Bag

This is a little gift bag I made for my Mom.  It was so easy to make with a ready made bag, card stock, a large sticker and a 3D embellish flower.  She has it sitting on her desk now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friends From Far Away

I just spent the evening with my friend Cherrie from Texas.  She showed me her blogspot  It's beautiful and so is she!  We could talk for hours and I can't wait until we have more time to spend together.  Thank you Cherrie for your friendship. Love you girl!!!